2019 "İstanbul Aganist All Odds" Gallery Ark

2019 "İstanbul Timeless” Gallery Synthesis / Sofia

2018 "Tales of Innocence" Gallery Ark

2017 "Timeless“ Gallery Ark

2014 “Abandoned“ İstanbul Photographer’s Gallery

2014 “Paris” Bursa Fotofest

2014 “Beyoğlu Neoclassic” Atelierhaus im Anscharpark - Kiel/Germany

2014 “Abandoned“ İstanbul Merhart Gallery

2013 İstanbul “City of Light and Shadows” Place Guillaume, Luxembourg

2010 “Beyoğlu Neoclassic” Museum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte

2009 “Snow in beyoğlu” Beyoğlu Municipality Art Gallery

2009 “İstanbul Blues” Od'A Ouvroir'd Art Gallery

2007 “Nights on Beyoğlu” Brünsbüttel Stadt Gallery, Germany

2007 “Nights on Beyoğlu” Athens Month of Photography - Artower Clio Gallery, Athens

2006 “Eternal Image” - Ankara Contemporary Art Gallery

2006 “Eternal Image” - İfsak Exhibition Hall

2006 “Nights on Beyoğlu” - French Cultural Center, İstanbul

2003 “Kaleiçi Satılık” İstanbul Fotoğraf Evi

2003 “Old City is for sale” Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Art Installation on the walls of Antalya’s old city.

1996 “Istanbul with its unchanging aspects“ İstanbul Photography Days - State Fine Arts Gallery

2018 Türkiye Blues “EMOP Berlin / European Month of Photography” Fotogalerie Friedrichshain / Berlin

2017 Printemps des Artistes “Od'A-Ouvroir d'Art”

2014 “Crossroads” – Together with Stanko Abadzic - Depo Gallery, İstanbul

2016 “Limited” Group exhibition together with Gallery’s artists - İstanbul Photographer’s gallery

2011 Joint exhibition with Horst Hamann “Mannheim looks Beyoğlu - Beyoğlu looks Mannheim“ - Mannheim Stadt Gallery.

2010 “Nekropolis” Joint exhibition with Tamer Serbay Charlotenburgh Museum, Berlin - Germany

2009 “Light and Shadows on the Balkans” group exhibition with the participation of eight Balkan photographers Athens-Belgrade - Bucharest- İstanbul

2007 “Eternal Image” Joint exhibition with British sculptor David Cregeen -The Royal Geographical Society, Londra

2007 “Gypsy Fire” Joint exhibition with Yunus Emre Aydın - Depo Gallery, Ulis Fotofest

2006 “Triangle” Group exhibition with David Cregeen - Tamer Serbay - Selçuk University - Konya

2005 “Minus Plus Over” Joint exhibition with Sadık Demiröz, FSK Ankara

2014 “İstanbul “City of Light and Shadows” ” Akbank Sanat

2014 “Beyoğlu Neoclassic” Akbank Sanat

2013 “Paris” istanbul Fotoğraf Evi

2007 “People of Taurus Mountains“ Royal Geographical Society

2006 “Dolapdere Timeless “ Focus on the life of Roma in Europe Sofia - Bulgaria

2005 ”Atışma” Together with Sadık Demiröz i” 4. Cyprus Photography Days

2001 “Outsiders” İstanbul Saydam Günleri

2016 “Visions and Delusions” Cem Turgay &Tuncer Tunç, İstanbul Photographer’s Gallery

2015 ”Lomographic Touches, İstanbul Photographer’s Gallery

2015 ”Stanko Abadzic’s “Selection” İstanbul Photographer’s Gallery and İstanbul Photography Museum

2006 “Parks and Open Spaces” 1. İfsak Biennal of Photography together with Sadık Demiröz

2005 “Coexistence” Together with Magda Michailidiou

Istanbul Against All Odds

Gallery Ark

Turkiye Blues

EMOP Berlin

Istanbul Timeless

Gallery Synthesis

Tales of Innocence

Gallery Ark

Nights on Beyoğlu

French Cultural Center


Gallery Ark


Merhart Gallery

Beyoğlu Neoclassic

Atelierhaus im Anscharpark


Bursa Fotofest


Charlotenburgh Museum

İstanbul Blues

Od'A Ouvroir'd Art Gallery


Gallery Ark


Depo Gallery

Beyoğlu Neoclassic

Dortmund Museum für Kunst...

Nights on Beyoğlu

Athens Month of Photography

Eternal Image

The Royal Geographical Society

Mannheim looks Beyoğlu...“

Mannheim Stadt Gallery

Nights on Beyoğlu

Brünsbüttel Stadt Gallery


İstanbul Photographer’s gallery